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Give your children the CREAM of all learning approaches! This unique approach to learning developed by Victoria Carlton will ensure your child reaches their academic potential.

  • Improve oral language, speech and confidence to   speak clearly and coherently
  • Teach phonics, reading, grammar, writing and the “nuts and bolts” in interesting ways that help ensure children reach their highest academic potential and become life-long lovers of the English language.
  • Help children develop appreciation of quality literature and develop deep comprehension skills.
  • Help children to find their “inner muse” and be able to write coherently, descriptively and imaginatively.
  • Improve their imaginations through a unique approach using visualisations specially written by Victoria.
  • Improve brain flexibility and development by engaging children in a unique set of exercises designed to stimulate specific learning areas of the brain.
  • Foster the growth of all the Eight Intelligences and promote thinking skills.
  • Teach mathematics using HANDS-ON approaches so children truly understand this beautiful and important subject.

These programs are exciting, multisensory and engaging for children. Typically a child will attend our Bayswater Centre for 2 group sessions of 1 and a half hours each week when they start, and this will taper down to once a week when they have achieved their target. After a period of once a week the child will be able to graduate from Victoria Carlton Programs tuition. Children undertaking 1 on 1 tuition in term time will come for 1 to 2 or more hours each week during the school day and after school or on a Saturday if a place is available.

Assessments are given at the end of each unique 10 week learning cycle (one cycle per term) and children are offered specific assistance in any areas of weakness as well as extension and challenge for areas of strength.

We believe that ALL children can learn and reach their potential, and that the onus is on us, the teachers, to learn what their unique learning styles are, so as to maximise that potential.

Our courses are carefully planned and students must attend each week. If they miss their group session due to sickness, appointments, etc., you must notify us and we will put their work away ready for their “make-up” lesson.

These “make-up” lessons can occur during term or holiday times.  If you miss any 1 on 1 sessions without 24 hours’ notice you will be charged as the teacher has already planned the lesson and committed their time.

Best results occur with group rather than individual tuition, possibly because children are naturally social creatures, and language in particular is best learned in a social context. However, individual tuition is sometimes necessary and we also provide it.

Committed to help your child to reach their full academic potential, we regard all students as unique individuals with specific strengths and weaknesses. All students need to feel secure, happy and confident to learn well, so we try hard to increase self-esteem.

We use the VICTORIA CARLTON EDUCATION PROGRAMS as our research indicates they are particularly effective, and we constantly monitor our programs to ensure effectiveness. Our programs stimulate each of the 8 INTELLIGENCES and we seek to help all children grow and strengthen their imaginations and ability to think creatively and flexibly. We use themes and multi-sensory methods that benefit both Primary and High-School children.

We believe that PARENTS are children’s first and foremost educators and therefore we invite you to work with us in partnership with us to improve your child’s educational outcomes.


Individual tuition is also available using SKYPE for those children that are unable to attend our centre in Bayswater.


Even though we generally teach most children in small groups, ALL children are on individually customised learning plans that reflect their specific learning needs. These are regularly up-dated as the child progresses.


All staff have been carefully chosen and trained. The Director, Victoria Carlton, writes the programs and delivers professional development to her teachers.


The students are observed closely, and progress is monitored at each session. We give feedback to you as soon as possible after each session. Each child is given a homework and feedback sheet. Please read these carefully as following the suggestions can really accelerate academic growth.

If you would like more information, please contact the office so the teaching staff can chat more extensively with you.


We are most happy to talk to your child’s teacher.
Please ask the teacher to call us at the office or email us.
If a visit to the school is needed we charge a fee of $100 for the metropolitan area.


We break for Easter, Christmas, New Year and Australia Day. We close on the Mondays of long weekends and children attend another day for their “make-ups”.

We run holiday learning programs and offer many exciting learning and creative courses to extend and stimulate your child’s intelligence. As an existing Victoria Carlton Programs client, you will always be offered preferential bookings for these programs.


Your child needs to bring a wallet folder with their name on it for their homework.
All students should bring an old shirt in case we use a multi-sensory learning strategy that involves clay or paint.


We take great pride in our work and we are passionate about the need for quality education for all children. We strive to provide an excellent service for your family. If you ever feel you have not been well treated, please contact us immediately as we are very serious about maintaining and improving our standards.

Like any organisation comprised of human beings, we sometimes get it wrong! We always want the interests of the child to be our central focus and if we mess this up, we want to know! We thank you for all the positive feedback. It really does help us to maintain our passion for what we do!


We do understand that you are concerned about your child, and may not be sure about our abilities and services. However, as you have chosen us to help your child we need you to trust us to do a good job and relax! Our promise is to do our very best to fully empower your child to reach their academic potential. We will endeavour to keep you fully informed at all times.

We look forward to helping your children reach their full educational potential this year!
Thank you for continuing to choose us to be an educational partner with your family.
We are honoured to work with your child and look forward to providing the best quality service possible this year!

Planned payment options are available for those who need to spread their payments over longer periods in order to provide immediate services to children.




An innovative early learning group for 2-5 year olds to improve learning potential by stimulating all the 8 intelligences.

Available Monday and Wednesdays during school terms 9:30 to 12:30

  • Small groups for maximum stimulation and attention.
  • The JOLLY MUSIC program will be used, along with JOLLY PHONICS and our HOME MATHS (Hands on maths education)
  •  Children will be offered gross and fine motor activities, lots of art and we will be stimulating each of the intelligences.

This is a fun, innovative and interactive program which will help your child reach for the stars!

<click here> to download a flyer.



may be found clicking here



may be found clicking here



We provide a comprehensive educational assessment coupled with an analysis of your child’s preferred learning style and comprehensive learning plan. This holistic approach empowers you to provide the best possible educational programs to help your child “reach for the stars”.

For more details of this service please click here to download an information flyer. Bookings for Educational Assessments can be made by phoning the Victoria Carlton Programs Office.”

If you are stuck, worried or just unsure about your child and their education? Is it your child, the school or you?

Sometimes you just wished you could turn to somewhere and seek independent advice. We offer such a service and you can make an appointment for a consultation session to discuss these matters. Please phone our office for details.

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