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The Victoria Carlton Programs are moving forward all the time, constant change is happening as we continually move forward with the latest research and trying out different ways to interest and excite learning in all the people we work with, children, staff and business.

About Us

Victoria Carlton is the creator of Victoria Carlton Programs and Director of the Victoria Carlton Centre located in Bayswater, Western Australia. Here Victoria and her staff offer assessments and specialised education service for all primary and high school students, as well as professional development for teachers.

A talented international educator with over 30 years of teaching experience at all levels, Victoria has a passion and talent for literacy, education, teaching children who learn differently and providing challenge programs for gifted and talented children.

Victoria designs programs for students who are dyslexic, ADD, Gifted and Talented and across a variety of learning styles.

Victoria believes that ALL children are smart and so she designs high-quality programs that engage and enthuse children and make them WANT to learn!

Victoria has conducted many professional training courses for teachers and parents in Western Australia, New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, Sydney and Tasmania. Across South East Asia Victoria has presented in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India Macau and Indonesia.

Victoria has worked closely with many organisations in Singapore such as Singapore Institute of Management, NTUC, AECES, MOE and many Primary Schools. Victoria offers a consultancy service to Singapore schools and parents to help children with learning difficulties.

Victoria has often been a guest speaker at national and international education conferences. She is a highly sought after and dynamic speaker in the fields of multisensory learning and emotional intelligence. She presents many papers on improving standards in education, and her own research and methodology for ensuring full educational development for students. She has twice been a guest speaker for the Primary Principals Association and has spoken at many literacy conferences.

Courses developed and delivered by Victoria include:

  • Victoria Carlton’s approach to Jolly Phonics
  • Victoria Carlton’s approach to Jolly Grammar
  • All Kids Can Write
  • All Kids Can Read
  • Brain Compatible Teaching
  • Emotional Intelligence for Kidz
  • Emotional Intelligence for Schools
  • Emotional Intelligence for Business
  • REFOCUS: a motivation course for teachers
  • STAR: a specific course to help teachers identify and remediate children
  • with learning difficulties within the classroom. (STAR)

Victoria has become well known in education circles through her work with the Victoria Carlton Programs and training in schools.

Teachers and school leaders are attracted to her pragmatic and clear approach as it provides a clear pathway through the educational “maze”.

Her insights and information reinvigorate teachers and helps them deal with the demands for higher standards and better skill levels. She has designed programs which marry the theory and practice of teaching and address the needs for the whole school community.

Victoria was the co-convenor of an International Conference in Phuket for teachers from Australia and South East Asia to come together to discuss learning difficulties and the best practices to overcome them.

Victoria has co-authored a book entitled WHAT DO I TEACH? This text was written to help teachers and parents understand exactly what should be taught at each level and ensure that basic teaching concepts are not missed. She has also authored a book about using visualisations and art to foster writing skills: ALL KIDS CAN WRITE, as well as developing a set of affirmation cards entitled STAR KIDS. Victoria’s latest book is titles MIND JOURNEYS and shows how the use of visualisations develops writing skills in children.

Victoria offers MASTERY COURSES for teachers to help them learn her highly successful teaching methods and she is now offering educators the chance to purchase a licence and run their own VICTORIA CARLTON LITERACY CENTRE.

She has developed a specific course to raise Emotional Intelligence (EQ4KIDZ). Her EQ4KIDZ course has raised a lot of media attention, due to the very positive effects for children and families. She was featured in the Sunday Times and interviewed for TODAY TONIGHT (Channel 7). This course is helping many children improve emotional intelligence and reach their dreams.

Her parenting course: EQ4FAMILIES has proven to be a very effective and popular tool for raising the overall emotional intelligence of whole families.
She also works with organisations and businesses to raise their general motivation and emotional intelligence. Her book: EQ4FAMILIES is in preparation and will be released later this year.

Victoria is passionate about transforming schools into institutions where all children are challenged, motivated and encouraged to develop their full academic potential.

She helps organisations and businesses to raise their general motivation and emotional intelligence. Victoria is currently developing a book about using a right-brain approach to time management. She has carried out extensive research on learning, management and work styles and has written very practical seminars to help organisations and educational institutions reach their specific goals. She has developed a profiling instrument to help all individuals determine their particular intelligences cocktail and learning style.

Victoria is now offering professional development courses for corporations to increase Emotional Intelligence and ensure companies and institutions are operating at maximum levels of productivity and have work environments that foster nurturing, positive relationships with staff and clients. She is regularly asked to speak on this subject at conferences and often facilitates workshops for teachers in this area.

Victoria is passionate about transforming schools into institutions where all children are challenged, motivated and encouraged to develop their full academic potential. Her foremost goal is to empower everyone in her courses to reach their full academic potential. She is also totally committed to ensuring that all children at her centres are recognised as successful learners and empowered with stimulating, enjoyable teaching strategies.

Victoria can be contacted at victoriacarlton@iinet.net.au

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